Thursday, November 3, 2016

Little happy things

One great thing about our backyard is the fire pit! The boys have loved it whenever we do a fire. They are so great around the fire and they have so much fun. They all eat WAYYYYYY too many marshmallows, everyone is ridiculously sticky, and then the laundry because of the smoke, buuuuuuuuuut it's worth ti. 

 See all the crying faces, this happens lots while we are out there, lots of tears amidst the fun.
 I kinda hate waking up before the sun is up, but I sure do like seeing beautiful sunrises through my kitchen window! Makes the mornings a little more worth it!

 When all 3 boys get along (for literally like 1 minute before someone starts crying) but it's cute when it lasts! Max was reading them books here.

The end :)


Cherri said...

Ahh campfires, sunrises and calm children... all in one post.. a good one! Have missed them!

Ashley D said...

That sky is gorgeous!