Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A birthday fit for two 2 year olds!

The twinsies turned 2!

I love my kids birthdays, I really do. Casey and I spent the night before making all the preparations for it. Wrapping presents, putting up decorations, putting out birthday plates, blowing up balloons. We knew they'd love it when they woke up.

So they woke up to balloons and and lots of decorations. When they came down the stairs you saw them look around in awe like "what in the world is this!?" Their grumpy attitudes turned into magical excitement instead, I love love loved watching them experience it all.

We let them open the majority of their presents right in the morning while Casey was home. It was adorable as soon as they woke up Max was so excited to tell them "babies! babies! I made you pway-dough! PWAY-DOUGH!" He couldn't wait to have them open those bad boys. (The day before he and I made homemade play dough for him to give to the babies, he was so excited to do so). That was the first gift they opened. They also got mittens, coloring book and markers (they love markers so I did but of course quickly regretted it because they color on everything except paper, ugh, just that morning was the ground, the wall, the window, the vent, 2 new toys they got, and their legs. The markers were quickly taken away, ha). a book, an electronic toy, a push toy (either a wheel barrel or a push popper).

I didn't want to have to buy 2 of the exact same thing of every toy (waste of money!) so I bought two different toys that had similar ideas in hopes that would satisfy everyone. Nope, still lots of fighting, and then max needed to be in the middle of the fighting over new toys as well, ooy. A twins birthday kind of feels like Christmas except one kids is left out and it is sad.

Max wanted so bad to open/help the babies open all their presents. It was so hard for him to back off. They didn't mind too much.

I was going to make the twins a fun sprinkle infested pancake breakfast but they saw Casey eating some delicious cereal and wanted that instead. Instead of fighting them and trying harder than necessary they got a delicious bowl of golden graham cereal :)

We played with their toys the rest of the morning and jumped on the tramp in the leaves. After that we were al hungry again so that is when I made intensely green sprinkled pancakes that everyone ate a ton of. Twas yummy.

Soon after Casey came home we opened up presents my parents had sent: a sweet rocket shooter thing and a barn with animals to go with it. They played with these toys for a long long time and then took a nice nap :)

In the afternoon when they woke up they continued to play with toys but at 5 we were to meet with a real estate agent to look at a house. Brad came with us and we had the kids buckled up in the car but Karlee came instead and drove them to Green River where they went to McDonalds with Grammie Cutler and then played at her house for a little bit.

After looking at the house we all met at the Green River high school football game! It was so fun. The kids loved the band, each got these little pink footballs, and adored sitting on their grandparents' laps. Seriously they sat on their laps the entire time they were at the game, it was so strange. Not sure if it was because they were cold or they just really loved the game and their grandparents, haha. It was a really fun football game to be at and it was a great way to celebrate Quinn and Bryson's birthdays!

The next day the Cutlers came to the house where we sang happy birthday again and they finally got to blow out candles and eat their cakes! They were so excited for their cakes! They were so HILARIOUS during the birthday song: Quinn was smiling and laughing yelling no at us all, he was reveling in it all. Bryson on the other hand was so shy the whole time, his head buried into his shoulder looking away from everyone with a pouty face, he ended up holding Derek's hand. It was so adorably cute to see the difference between them too.  They opened up their birthday presents from the Cutlers: a church bag with snacks and some cars, a book, and some little animals. They've really been loving their little bags to put stuff in and take around the house.

 They were so very excited to eat the M&M's on that one cake!
 The difference in these 2 faces kill me.

THEN we all went to the Rock Springs rec center to go swimming! It was yet again another fun special activity to do to celebrate the babies birthday that I knew they'd love. They didn't love going down the slide this time around even with more adults but they still loved the water, especially the warm water areas, haha. It's so nice to go swimming with more adults than just the two of us, ha.

Bryson is just the sweetest little boy. He has these dimples on his cheek and when he's doing something mischievous and trying to hide it from you and he tried suppressing his smile and his dimple come out so much. I melt at so many cute little face he makes. He is obsessed with his teddy bear which he calls his "nigh nigh". He also LOVEs hammers, loves them so much, ha, always wants to go to bed with a hammer and his phone. He's always begging to be held "hold you, hold you!" He's the instigator of loud happy-yell-screaming-singing-chanting sessions when they walk around with scriptures or stand on the little ride around cars doing it. He's such a great dinner time eater, eats almost all of his food always and usually asks for more. He's definitely the more attached to me of the two (Quinn still is a lot) but Bryson gets really sad and offended if I'm leaving somewhere, ha. He is fabulous at saying no. Says no to like everything I swear "how old are you?" "no!" "what's your name?" "no!" etc etc. Also he's the kind at "uh uh" as a way of saying "no"  but always his with his mouth closed. He's our dancer, he busts a move every time music turns on, super adorable. He likes blankets and he likes to cuddle at random times of the day if I'm laying down. If he wakes up in the middle of the night he's the one that starts the laughter between the two making neither of them fall asleep again, naughty one. Bryson is hilarious and I love him so so much!

Quinn is a sweetie as well. He has this big cheesy smile is too funny. He's speech is very precise and he can explain himself really well when he wants to be heard. The other day we heard him tell Bryson "don't drink that!" as well "no no baby!" He's hilarious at times. He has adopted a second stuffed animal we have that he has to go to bed with. He also insists on a hammer for bed but wants a phone even more which we give him. He's usually the first to run up to Casey to excitedly say hi when he gets home from work. He is OBSESSED with milk, like he would seriously drink it all day long if we let him. As soon as he wakes up and sees us he says "milt!!!!!! MILT!" and he gets impatient QUICKLY, haha. He's great at eating breakfast usually stealing everyone else's bowls when they're not being eaten. He poops all day long, not quite a personality trait that he can control, but something to be noted because seriously! He eats the same food as everyone else but something else goes on inside him! He does not like blankets on him, that is a no. If I say we're going somewhere he's adamant that we go now and will not stop reminding you that we're supposed to be going somewhere, ha. I love our little Quinny so so much and cannot imagine life without him!

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet identical twin boys, Bry Bry and Quinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cherri said...

Oh so fun to hear and see some of this special day. Oct 21st is ALWAYS going to be a big deal! Also I MUST have the pic of them at the cake with the opposite expressions... to go with my other one. :)