Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A quick trip to the pumpkin patch!

Casey was going to a BYU football game one Friday night so I and the kids hitched a ride down to Utah with him so we could go to a pumpkin patch!

The kids were awful in the car, not going to lie. That's life.

It was a late game so we left right after Casey got home from work, 5, and then booked it to Provo to drop him off at the game where he met his dad. They have season tickets to the games this year. Poor Bryson must have gotten car sick and threw up around Heber, poor boy.

I got to Weston and Amanda's house around 8:45 where Max and Bryson were alseep. I dragged my 7 1/2 month pregnant body up and down the stairs so many times taking up sleeping kids and sleeping items with Quinn crying behind me because I wasn't holding him and it was a new place and he wasn't so sure about the surroundings, ha. His crying eventually woke up and Bryson unfortunately and I then had two cranky mischievous babies with me for the next hour until they were ready to go to bed again. Poor Weston and Amanda, I bet their stress levels were high because my kids compared to theirs are just two different levels of chaos, lol. I ended up having to sleep on the ground with them until they fell asleep at 10:15 pm.

Casey got him from a LATE double overtime BYU game at 1:30, they won, yay! In the morning we played with Abby, Britton, and Ella. Max LOVED playing with Britton, just adored him. My twins tormented their dog. we walked to the park behind their house with all the kids and played for awhile, jumped on the tramp, Weston made pancakes, and we just had a nice time with those sweet nieces and nephew and our kids!

We quickly packed up and headed to a small pumpkin patch right there in Springville! It was perfectly small for our group of little kids. Weston and Amanda met us there with their kids too! They loved the slide the most going up and and over and over again. I personally loved the huge corn pit the most. They climbed up large bales of hay, saw a little petting zoo, Max got lost in the huge corn maze for a few minutes because he ran off, oh goodness. We went on a tractor ride through their pumpkin field and a little of the cornfield too. Max picked out a white pumpkin and we called it a morning! Nice and sweet! Plus since our kids woke up so early we really needed to get them back in the car to drive back to Wyoming so they's actually sleep the whole time! But really we had the best time!

 So funny these two went down together and bryson face planted and got a face full of corn lol

It was a fun little morning and quick trip to Utah but it was fun to see family and do all the fun pumpkin patch stuff!

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Cherri said...

THAT'S where he got corn in his cast.... HA