Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016

Easter was wonderful. I'm so happy for a special day each year to really reflect on the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The children were a thousand times better at church that day. We had a pleasant day searching for Easter eggs, taking pictures, and it ended in a most wonderful night of Easter dinner at our good friends home with children galore, wonderful food, and good conversation. My how it was a wonderful day.

 This was really how pictures went.
 Bryson, 17 months! Hey freckle :)

 Maxson 3
 Quinn, 17 months
 Time for the Easter egg hunt! Max followed a trail of cotton balls to the front yard where the Easter baskets were and there was an Easter egg hunt!
 The excitement was extremely tangible and I loved every second. Holidays are truly getting better and better as this boy gets older.

 Let it be known, the Easter baskets only had books and 1 ball each, haha, but I'm glad he was so excited.
 AND the Easter eggs only had chocolate teddy grahams in them because Max had WAYYYYY too much candy in the days leading up to this.

 Bryson and Quinn were stoked for the balls, ha

Happy Easter my friends, if you haven't yet gotten to watch the church's Hallelujah campaign go do so!

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Cherri said...

Yay for little boy enthusiasm !