Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quinn vs Bryson

Let's have a little comparison of the two, shall we?

Bryson LOVES to swing. He's always the first to run to the swing and stand there and beg me to put him in

Quinn is so good at realizing exactly when Bryson says he's all done with the swing and running over to me so he gets a turn on the swing.

Bryson loves to dance, you start signing or turn on any kind of beat and he starts bouncing away

Quinn LOVES cell phones, mostly fake ones still, and loves to just pretend to talk on them all day long.

Bryson loves to scream. Like insanely high pitched shrill kind of scream.

Quinn loves to mimic said shrilling scream but just can't quite get ear deafening enough, luckily. They think it's hilarious

Bryson is often the first to be found most mischievously searching around the bathroom for makeup, sticky products, and toilet brushes

Quinn FREAKS out if I'm leaving somewhere and he's not 

Bryson LOVES to take off his diaper. He always has pants on because if not, his diaper comes off ASAP and purposely pees

Quinn is very good at coming to me to ask fro help and get what he wants

Bryson loves to try to hug and kiss Quinn and then hold onto his clothes and not let Quinn away.

Quinn does not love being hugged and kissed by Bryson and then screams when Bryson holds onto his clothes

Bryson is very good and mimicking words, I mean he doesn't say them well at all but he puts lots of effort into trying to mimic it

Quinn is loves open mouthed kisses

Bryson puckers up and makes the kiss sounds

Quinn is often the child found first running over to ride a new bike

Bryson has the cutest little dimple and closed lips pucker smile, makes my heart so happy every time.

Quinn is so good at just laying there to get his bum changed, so kind and easy to mama


They both LOVE babies! Like all up in their business every time they see one.

They both love Max and follow him around.

They both want to be held all the time and cry about it all the time.

They are both really good sleepers, and sleep about the same amount of time for naps and nights, they're are just so dang great.

They're both really cute and love to meet new people and wave hi and bye.

They are both really getting into stranger danger soooooo that's not so cool, but whatever we'll get through it.

They both are super great eaters and eat about the same things.


Cherri said...

TWINS gotta love it!

1natederek said...

Love these comparisons! Miss seeing those guys grow too! they are practically in nursery right?! Miss you guys! - oh and this is suzanne, even though it says Nate...