Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Mom, Wife, and friend you'd dream of!

There is no special anniversary, birthday, or event that finds me posting today, however I just haven't felt like I have posted in a while. After changing two dirty diapers this morning that were very overloaded and having a child who insists on waking up at the butt crack of dawn. I decided I needed to write down a lovely post for Kimber, who has to deal with these three little hoodlums all the time. I guess four if you include me!

She slaves away picking up the room a million times to find it messy again 15 minutes later. I know most moms deal with that, but I can see it get disheartening and even having the desire to clean-up when I am around because I clean it up and its dirty the next moment. Shes a saint! Good Woman! She deserves a date night to her favorite restaurant and one that has good chocolate chip cookies. The weather is finally warming up so at least the kids can play outside and we can be a wee bit happier and than the kids turn into zombies.

Although She complains that when she leaves and comes back that the kids don't get all excited for her, they do just in a different way through a sort of crying mayhem than a DADDY's HOME! We all really do love Kimber at home she makes us happy! She makes us satisfied! She makes us food! Ok ok ok... Kimber May your Saturday be ever happier and we at your home want you to know we love you!


Cherri said...

Yay for Kimber and Yay for the best son in law!

Suzanne Anderson said...

So sweet! And Kimber you rock!!! Mother hood is such a roller coaster and you seriously make the most of it!