Friday, September 8, 2017

A weekend in Montana

The Monday before labor day rolled around Casey informs me that the entire office has chosen to take off the Friday before Labor Day so he's forced to take it off to. In hopes of not wasting a 4 day weekend, we thought it a bright idea to invite ourselves up to Montana and visit Casey's two uncles and their families who love up there. Let me tell you, they are the most wonderful families, both having so many qualities that I want implement in my own family or even us as parents. We had such a fabulous time!

We drove up Thursday night arriving half past midnight. Since the boys essentially slept the whole 6 hours up there, getting them back to sleep was rough business! Ha. I don't think the twins truly fell asleep until like 2 and from what I heard from Casey, Max didn't fall asleep until like 3, even being caught eating a tube of toothpaste. That kid and sneaking the toothpaste! I don't get it!

Friday was wonderful, we just sat around and talked with the family in the morning, met their HUGE bunnies in the backyard, rode bikes in the front yard, played with squirt guns, a neighbor boy brought my boys tiny frogs to play with, walked Jacob and Chandler to school, went to a huge park that had a creek and big playground to play on (and someone had their ferret on a leash, weirdo, but the kids were overly entertained). The older kids got back from school and my boys were thoroughly happy and entertained. Lexi, Carissa, Chandler, and Jacob are such fantastic kids. How in the world do you raise such sweet, loving, kind, obedient children!?!?!?! sure they probably have their imperfections but overall those are for sure the cream of the crop. They were so sweet to my kids.

Friday night all the family in Montana came over including Janae and her baby. We played 9 square, ate delicious homemade lasagna, it was just a fabulous evening laughing and talking with them all. I can't even remember the conversations I just remember the feelings of all love and happiness coming from them all. Unfortunately the whole weekend we were there, the state of Montana was covered in fires so the skies were so smokey and outside even smelt like a campfire at times.

Saturday morning we woke up decently early and I went and took pictures of Lance and Malinda's family! Their pictures turned out so fabulous, if I do say so myself, and I think they were really happy with them. By the end of the photo shoot the kids were actually WANTING to take more pictures and saying how fun it was! How awesome is that!

Maxson learned how to ride their little motorcycle that fit him perfectly, it seriously brought tears to my eyes teaching my boy how to ride a motorcycle like his mama. Sharing a hobby that brings me so much joy with my child and seeing him enjoy it so much was just so so fabulous. Max would have ridden that motorcycle all day I tell ya; along with Chandler and Jacob he just kept following and following them endlessly! Casey and I also rode Lance's bike, it's a 150cc I think, and it was great to be back on the bike shifting gears up and down the street, racing Max, and even more, taking the twins on rides, who of course LOVED it. Quinn said he didn't like going fast but it was just such a stinking blast. I want more!!!!!

We did a quick but wonderful trip to the tempe with Lance and Malinda while their kids watched our kids. We did dealings and it was very special to be in the room together with them. Power couple right there most definitely.

Sunday we went to church, all the helping hands around us was wonderful. Sweet Malinda stayed in nursery with my kids and even took Easton the whole time. It was great to be edified! Quinn informed us after church that he hates nursery. It was the funniest moment. When we told him that in Primary next year you won't get snacks he said "I hate snacks!" He is the stinking cutest. Always telling us stuff he doesn't like lol.

After church we went over to Kert and Catherine's and hung out there all evening snacking on a delicious taco bar all night long. Catherine had the most darling display of pineapples all over her home, we went on a hunt counting and there was like 58 or something. So cute. Love that woman. The boys were in heaven playing with all the weapons, legos, and Connor's cars. Bless that boy for sharing, ha. Love learning from them all, old and young.

Monday we slept in, all super tired from the night before, had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, packed up the car and sweet Malinda began giving us so much of Jacobs stuff he no longer uses or fits. it was fantastic. Clothes galore, toys, a bike and best of all the beloved motorcycle! Max couldn't believe his eyes and was oh so so so happy! It was super sweet of them. We're lucky it fit in our car, ha! Them mini vans sure can hold a lot!

We met all the Christensens over at a little lake with kayaks galore and did a little kayaking trip with the kids, it was a perfect activity for us all and really really fun. I love that it doesn't seem as if these families are continually on their phones, they connect with each other and are genuinely interested in being with one another and caring for each others needs. Their positive, centered in the gospel, serve one another endlessly, honest in all their doings, and FUN to be around, but real people with imperfections. I hope to be like so many of them after getting to spend 4 days with their great families.

We left back for home stopping in Cody for a couple hours to visit Josh George and their family and then back home!

Montana, we will definitely come visit you again!

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Cherri said...

What an oasis.... take advantage of that enjoyment more often!--- sounded wonderful!