Monday, August 28, 2017

Easton at 8 months

Crawls up the stairs speedy fast and smiles at you knowing he's just done something awesome
-loves pushing the push walking toy around. I think he's going to be my earliest walker! we shall see
-is so constantly entertained my the big brothers. just crawls to where they are and watches them
-doesn't try super hard to go outside if there's a step, bless that child!
-totally prefers food on my plate than they baby food I give him
-sleeping awesome! at a little over 8 months he slept a straight 10 hours, it was glorious!
- i don't really care how well he naps, bc if he's up, he's up! I got other kids awake too so what's one more! but usually 1-2 long naps, 1-2 short naps
-got his first tooth while we were in california! maybe that explained his crabbiness. so his first tooth came in at 7 1/2 months! 2 weeks later the next one came in!
-he does the loudest breathiest exhales to get attention or breathes really hard through his nose like a pig, it's my favorite.
-he's into the alligator roll during all diaper changes and clothing changes
-walks along all sorts of furniture
-I just want to eat him, those cute cheeks, the rubber band like fat rolls on his arms and legs, i love him so much it hurts!

 His brothers love him too! sometimes too much!

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Cherri said...

Just got through reading a bunch of these.... so fun to catch up on your family life! You are the best!