Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Maxson's soccer season

Maxsons had an utter blast playing soccer this year. The first game he sat on the side for 50 minutes and REFUSED to have anything to do with the game or put his shirt on or anything, he was MAD. And it was hilarious because we knew he'd love it. After quite a few different things, somehow getting his shirt on, playing soccer in the dirt field behind us a couple times, going on the field during half time by himself to kick a couple goals in the net, and then being bribed with a  "rainbow popsicle" he finally got up and played the last 10 minutes and did awesome. Ran straight for the ball kicking, being aggressive, he was a natural. The coach the whole time was so great at gently encouraging him to keep participating the whole time, bless his heart.

Week two he loved it and played the whole time excitedly.

Week three we were out of town

Week four was awesome

Week five was cancelled

Week six was actually a make up game for the very first game that was cancelled. But it worked out perfectly because that's when graduation weekend was and both grandparents were in town to see him play! He had literally been asking for 2 weeks nearly every single day if he could go play in his soccer game and we kept having to tell him no next week, no at the end of the week, no in a couple days, no tomorrow. Like serisouly, he'd ask multiple times a day and was devastated when it was still one week until (because it had been cancelled). He came to really love it.

He did great in his last game, making one REAL shot in his goal and another in the other teams goal (but for 3 year old soccer we totally counted it as 2 goals!) Halfway through he was just so tired because he was playing nearly the whole time, he kept telling us I need a break, I tired. Would drink some water and go back out right away haha, plus he was probably a little hot. Also by the end he didn't care much at all about the ball, just racing people he thought was fast. Then I promised him rainbow popsicle again if he'd make a goal and he came through.

I can't wait to put him in soccer again next year!



 hanging out with his friend taft by the goal

 trying to get a picture of Max and the grandparents and he utterly refused. best attempt :)

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