Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Graduation was a few weeks ago but we do need to go through all the details!

My parents arrived Wednesday night and the kids were all so excited to see them. I was inside and the kids all outside and Max ran to the backdoor early able to talk with all his excitement "they're here! Granny and papa are here!" Low and behold that had come. The twins warmed up to them like ti was nothing, that's what those boys do (have I mentioned before that when we're at the park they go up to strangers ALL THE TIME and beg to be held by them? Yep, I'm the mom who doesn't hold her kids enough because they're BOTH 32 pounds!) Papa played with those boys endlessly on the swing set he was so sweet to push and push and push them all evening long to their hearts content.

I can't even remember what we did Thursday...probably just played outside because that's literally what we do all day everyday if possible. Casey, my mom, and I took a trip to Sam's club while all the kids slept to get food for graduation. My what good sleepers I do have.

That evening was most WONDERFUL. My parents were so kind to offer to watch the kids and give Casey and myself a night out alone AND let us stay at their hotel room while they slept at our house and watched that kids. Breaks people, I just need more awesome breaks like this and I'd be more sane! We went to Outback Steak house (this is where my new obsession with steaks has come in) courtesy of Bill and Jean for a kind graduation gift card, Kohl's for a $10 gift card where we of course just looked for all things kid related, can't get too far from them littles! And back to the hotel where we crashed almost immediately. Actually I do recall watching a few episodes of Arrested Development. Slept in (it's like my love language I swear) but have you ever noticed that when you're not pressed to wake up, you can easily wake up early. It's when you have to be up by a certain time or certain little are forcing you to get up, that is when your body is like "MORE SLEEP!" But if you can sleep in no matter how long you begin waking up at 6:00 am like "i am fully rested and could happily be awake" but force yourself to go back to bed.

The hotel we stayed at wasn't super crazy fancy or anything but their continental breakfast is seriously delicious. Biscuits and gravy, waffles, endless pastries, and of course more, that was just the damage I chose.

My parents then brought the kids to the hotel and we went swimming! All the children so totally loved it. The babies had no fear even though the water was kinda cold, it was hilarious to watch them, I imagine we're going to be busy busy parents around swimming pools this summer, Max too was immediately back where he had been last summer, jumping in, holding his breath, kicking, man I love watching the courage and passion for life in that boy!

We came home got ready for graduation, Casey's parents showed up, took some pictures, and then off to the graduation ceremony it was!

My dad went early with Casey to save some seats and I got us all there exactly when I wanted to, RIGHT when the ceremony started. Max loved watching the graduates walk in to all the music and was so excited to spy daddy at the end! We loved that he turned around and looked at us as much as he could smiling and waving, man I got teary eyed during all those silly little waves and smiles! Here he was, GRADUATING FROM DENTAL SCHOOL!

It feels like just last year we were laying in bed in our Provo apartment just the two of us contemplating "what if you don't get in to dental school? Then what will you do?" The scary unknown future! But he did it. He sucked it up through all those crappy tests and extra little things you have to do and became a dentist.

We took some pictures afterwards with the family and some friends!

 Our WHOLE family could not have  made it through dental school without Katie! She helped Casey with school and me with the house and was always so willing to help with the kids. There is no way we can ever repay her!

When we got home we got a knock on our door to a most wonderful surprise by our cousin Jim Long! He came all the way from California and we couldn't have been happier to have him! He of course came bearing cars shirts for the boys which they all LOVED.

Back at home we got ready for the family and friends BBQ! It was such a fun evening with great food, so much wonderful family supporting all the graduates, all together at the same time, corn hole and water balloons. So grateful there was shade because it was a hot day! There's something special about having so much family and friends around to celebrate occasions like this. It was just the best.

Saturday we got to all go to Maxson's last soccer game! Both grandparents got to be there wasting that stuff of a boy! I'll do a separate post about this :)

That afternoon we tired to go see the Blue Angels air show but it got cancelled due to bad weather, it totally stunk.

But we made up for it by coming home and teaching Max to ride a bike! Again with all the grandparents around it was so special! I'll do another post about that too.

Saturday night and Sunday evening my parents were both sick unfortunately.

Sunday morning mom and dad Cutler came to church with us (so lucky to have grammie C for mothers Day! Event though I'm a really terrible child and forgot to do anything for our moms on mothers day, it was still nice to have her presence!). The skedaddled out quickly for their long drive home!

For mother's day I got breakfast in bed and no changing of dirty diapers that day, it was great. And if I remember correctly my kids weren't way too awful either!

My parents were feeling much better and came over in the afternoon, after more bike riding (max loves it!) we drive over to an open field to see if we could catch a glimpse of those blue angels flying again! And man we sure picked a good field! Front row seats without being in the stadium, it was great! Those air planes are sure amazing! All my boys re obsessed with air planes in the sky so this was just so cool for them to see them lower and hear them so loud! And us adults were so impressed by all their amazing tricks!

And that was our graduation weekend of fun! And oh boy was it fun and celebratory! Thank you everyone for your kid wishes and congratulations and cards. It's been a long road and I just can't say it enough of how proud I am of this husband of mine!

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