Friday, September 11, 2009

vintage film

Coolest borrowed thing EVER

Casey's dad has a Polaroid camera that was sitting in the far back of a drawer.
And so we decided to borrow it for a lil bit,
And I am absolutely in love with it!
We look like a couple straight out of a 70's BYU football game.
love it.
(and we love BYU!)

So yeah, polaroid film is expensive,
but it's so much more fun!
It is the pinnacle of instant gratification
we can't wait to play with it more!

This one didn't scan vary well
and lovely Karlee Jo's (Casey's sis) finger prints found their way to the pic
but I'm still in love with it!

Dear human being who invented polaroid: Thank you very much for the camera

And thank you to the people who are getting vintage polaroid film to be printed again in 2010!!!!


Cherri said...

Oh my I hate polaroid!

Cody and Camille said...

Oh I'm so excited you two joined the world of bloggers! That's hilarious about the polaroid camera. I wonder what other crazy little antiques we can find in the Cutler home...