Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chex Muddy Buddies...

Oh how we do love chocolate

We went on a mission to the store today for milk and cereal, Casey was out at his apartment and that's all he eats when there. So, we began our journey

Immediately upon arriving at the grocery store we saw a beautiful picture on a cereal box. . . this:

This stuff is just so darn yummy! Once you start it's seriously SO hard to stop! We made it after dinner tonight and didn't regret a second of it.But its goodness is so yummy! Everyone needs to make this ASAP to remind them of the small yummies of life and it seriously takes 10 minutes. Just make sure to use a paper bag when mixing the chocolate and powdered much easier.

PS- Casey ate way too much. his tummy hurts. it's pretty cute

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Emmy said...

ahhh i love muddy buddies. delicious!