Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Easton turns 1!

Easton turns 1!!!! how in the world did my baby turn ONE! He is so so loved in our home! He is the best little addition to our family. Always falling us all around. Wherever the crowd goes he follows! He's a full hearted equal opportunist: if anyone else is doing it, he demands to as well! He tells you exactly if needs aren't being met, ha. If the bottle is on the counter, he yells and cries and makes you get it down NOW. He is obsessed with milk. His little baby walk has sped up into a waddle that wants to run that is so adorable. The only thing that slows him down is his footie PJ's on hard floor. He's so vocal. Making so many noises, you repeat back and repeats back with gusto and more voice imitations. He knows where his nose is and tongue. Waves bye bye and night nights making voice intonations. He's finally sleeping through the night about 11-12 hour stretches without needing milk. Sometimes he still does but he's made such great progress. He's been a champ car traveller: falls asleep and transfers easy to his crib. He loves his mama, and I him. He laughs so much with Casey. He runs to the front door once hearing a knock or doorbell, so adorable. It's really so so darling how he follows all the boys around the house. He definitely believes in equal opportunity, if the boys are doing he is too! If they're on the tramp, he belongs out there too! Lately it's been getting colder, and I don't let him on the tramp with the big kids and he gets so mad inside crying. He's constantly wanting up on your lap for you to just hold him so he can see what you're doing, he's a doll. He and Max are such good friends, they sit in the car next to each other and Max is always helping him and playing peek a boo, or talking jibber jabbers sounds back and forth, they adore each other.

I am so so so happy Easton is apart of our family. He makes life better!

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